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A new theatre company, coming into existence in 2021, due to the desire to be able to provide entertainment in these ever-changing environments.

Not only are we excited to be embarking on independent projects, we are also looking forward to collaborating with others.


Our first show consisted of 3 young lads taking on 9 roles in The Three Musketeers at out local cider orchard, Sheppy's House of Cider, to who we are very grateful for their ongoing support. For our second show we embarked on a show with 17 in the cast, made up of 10 adults and 7 youngsters. Also, not only did we return to Sheppy's for 3 open-air shows this year, we scheduled some indoor shows at Oake Village Hall as an alternative venue in case of inclement weather as well as for those who prefer  indoor shows. This meant some of our cast shared roles because of the logistics of dates which meant we actually had 18 in the whole cast.

Many of the group have performed in shows that have been entered into the Somerset Fellowship of Drama Awards and some have picked up individual awards as well as the production team picking up many nominations. Despite being an amateur group, we strive to provide quality entertainment and aim to provide highly recommended shows, many of which are aimed at the whole family. We are predominantly an adult group but we include some youngsters where adult family members are fully involved in the group, whether on-stage or off-stage, also. We usually now rehearse at a venue in Rockwell Green, Wellington to who we are also very grateful for their support. 


As a small group, and seeing so many groups now seem to be starting to struggle with member numbers, it seemed like a good time to offer to collaborate in order to produce shows to the finest quality. We have several shows on our radar that we'd like to do - some independent, some as collaborations - some outdoor, some indoor - so we're working hard to bring the right shows to our audiences at the right time, at the right venue. We will adapt to suit. 

Hence, one of the reasons for the name, the Chameleon Theatre Company. The second reason being that Karma always come before Chameleon and we value our integrity as a group.

We are proud to have the printing company, Tiny Gecko, support us. Kev has designed most of our publicity material and is the genius behind our logo. 

2020 NEW business logo.jpg


Emma & Cathy Vicarage

54 Mantle Street 



TA21 8AU

07809 129495 (Emma)

07725 948184 (Cathy)

Email link :-

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